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Title: Tonight You Belong To Me

Artist: Patience and Prudence

Played: 728 times
Anonymous: do you and your friends have the same interest? like music tv shows and stuff like that

for the most part, yeah :) it’s nice because we always find stuff for each other to watch or listen to. 


oh my god this is actually so mental to think about my friend was looking at old messages on facebook and not even a year ago I was only at 300 so in short I’m just really thankful to not only the people that follow me but the people that take the time to message me, give me advice, reblog my beginner edits and my selfies, and just be there for me I’m too sentimental I swear. 

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Biaggio and Joe


I decided to do a follow forever because why not. (Also i may have forgotten to do one for 3.5 and 4.5k oops) 

Title: Dominique

Artist: American Horror Story: Asylum

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